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The current development situation of China Ethylene Industry

At the end of 1950s, Lanzhou Chemical Industry company imported foreign technology and equipments to establish the ethylene producing equipment with 2,0000 tons annual output. In 1976, Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical imported 30,0000 tons ethylene equipment. From then on, China started to develp ethylene industry. But, the rapid development of ethylene industry is the near 15 years thing. Now, we have established many big petrochemical base which took ethylene as the main product. Such as Yanshan, Shanghai, Yangzi, Qilu, Daqing, Jilin and so on. It changed the history of ethylene mainly depends on import.

Until the end of 2006, our ethylene ouput is 941,0000 tons, took the second place of the world. It becomes the second ethylene producing country following United States.

In recent years, the rapid economic growth creats big demand for ethylene. In 1997, the national ethylene's output is 358,5000 tons. In 2005, we own 19 sets ethylene equipments, production ability is 707,0000 tons/year. The satisfaction rate of domestic marketis 43%. At the end of 2006, the ethylene's output is up to 941,0000 tons. In the past 15 years, the consumption of ethylene products is in the rapid growth period. It predicts that the ethylene production ability can reach 17 million to 18 million tons. The output is 14.5 million tons/year. The self-sufficiency rate of ethylene will reach 58%.

Now, China is the world factory, the products made of China supply the whole world. So in a sense, China produces ethylene for the world.