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Epoxy Resin Printed Circuit Board Has Kept the Trend of Rising in Price.

According to the report of related media, the coming of booming season has brought the obvious rising in the rate of capacity utilization of epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB). In addition, under the pressure that the growth in quotation of raw materials induces the increase in cost, the message that the price of epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB) for mainboard will grow by 5-7% has come out of the market recently. This is the second production line available to rise in price smoothly besides mobile phone board in the industry of Taiwan epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB) in recent years. Obviously, these 2 types of products have actually become profit-based commodities. Epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB) is the footstone for all electronic products, and is an even more important raw material for the mainboard of computers.

The rise in price of glass fiber yarn and international copper price in the middle and last ten days of the second quarter of this year has driven the growth by about 10% in the quotation of manufacturing factories of copper claded laminates in the raw materials of epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB), and induced the increase in cost of printed circuit board dealers. In addition, there are not many suppliers of 4-layer/6-layer boards for mainboard originally, the rate of capacity utilization will uprise obviously in each booming season, and even the message of full-loaded production lines will come out sometimes. Therefore, it is reported in the market that Yufo has released the information of growth in the quotation to large-scale system factories including ASUS, etc. in the 3rd quarter of this year. As for this, epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB) and copper claded laminates dealers have pointed out that, the epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB) for mainboard is a product with the lowest production difficulty among all the products, and supplied by originally most manufacturers of epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB). However, in condition of excess of supply in recent years, many times of drastic price competition have induced increasingly narrow margin of related profits.

Therefore, all factories of epoxy resin printed circuit board (PCB) with tremendous production capacity have successively retreated from the competition. Now, only a small quantity of suppliers with limited production capacity exist in the market, and even only 4 manufacturers, namely Huatong, Xinxing, Yaohua and Nanzi Electronics, exist in the mobile phone board industry of Taiwan, form the pattern that the market is occupied by several competitors, and enjoy the strength for rising in price. Yufo sending out the message of smooth rise in price is the biggest supplier of professional mainboard in Taiwan, and has 2 factories in Taiwan and Mainland Huizhou respectively. Where, the former one and the later one have a monthly production capacity of 600,000 and 1,800,000 rules, respectively. Yufo mainly supplies goods for GIGABYTE and ASUS, and for other system dealers in small quantity at the same time. Also, Yufo produces a small quantity of boards for Netcom and consumer electronics, with CyberTan Technology as the main customer. In addition, it is reported internally that Yufo has received orders of boards for XBOX and for rocking bar of Wii this year. Yufo was in the dead season of market in the 2nd quarter of this year, and had an operation rate of only 60%. However, since May, Yufo increased the production capacity of forepart drilling process, and hoped to increase the specific gravity of ratio for self-manufactured content as well as its own rate of gross profit; and in July, its production capacity already increased to 70-80%. Along with the continuous strengthening of order releasing force of clients, it is estimated that the price will still rise later, and it is possible for the achievements of Yufo in the 3rd quarter to increase by 30% compared with those of the 2nd quarter.