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Domestic Market Price of Epoxy Resin Increased Obviously after the National Day

Domestic market of epoxy resin could be said full of ups and downs. After 2 full months of stable development, a majority of factories all over the country have uplifted the quote in succession immediately under the driving of great increase in price of upper-reach material epichlorohydrin, which has brought vital force for the market of epoxy resin with flat trend. At present, each domestic factory is in slight shortage of supply of merchandise resources mainly because that the rise in price of epichlorohydrin this time occurred somewhat suddenly; coupled with that the inventory before the National Day having just gone away was insufficient, and the raw materials after the National Day are in shortage, so the price rises. Currently, after large-scale adjustment at the early stage of week, most factories basically maintain the stable state in middle period of the week. But recently, it is still difficult to get rid off the situation of tension in supply of raw materials, so under the influences of raw material prices, partial factories uplift the quote slightly again at weekends, which has made the fluctuating market more unstable, uplifted the market price accordingly, and brought some certain pressure to the goods receiving of lower-reach factories. In recent period, our market of epoxy resin has still maintained some certain export quantum, and the export price negotiated in October is over USD3,000/t. The market still keeps slight rise, and the goods receiving of lower-reach factories of floor on grade and powder, etc. is tol-lol. The price has increased somewhat, but to keep production, the inquiry on goods is still positive. In recent period, factories pay active attention to the changes in upper-reach market of raw materials, for purpose of adopting price adjustment measures at corresponding time. Most factories said that, the trend of epichlorohydrin price directly controls the future price trend of epoxy resin at a large degree, so the atmosphere of observation is very dense in the current market.

The rise trend of epoxy resin is mainly affected by the great rise in upper-reach raw material epichlorohydrin. At present, each factory of epoxy resin closely observes the trend of epichlorohydrin, and says that they will adjust the price based on the trend of epichlorohydrin. At present, domestic epichlorohydrin market still suffers from the tension in supply of merchandise resources. The price is maintained stable now, but it is still possible for the price to keep rising. Therefore, due to this influence, it is promising for the price of epoxy resin to grow continuously within the undertaking capacity of lower-reach market, and future market looks prosperous